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The word Powerlust is a reference to the many hidden and secret desires that evil weaves into our hearts which distort, hinder and often prevent our missions of love and service for God. The chapters within reveal many of these hidden desires, such as the desire to maintain varying levels of control over the people we share our lives with. It exposes the simple Truth that in our fear of how others view us and our need to control this, we have completely lost sight of the true condition of our own souls and how God views us instead. We have become a society held tightly in the grip of debilitating fear and negativity. Powerlust gently, but firmly, calls us back to a simpler and more single-hearted approach to life, according to the more perfect design of our loving Father. In these chapters we are reminded that to seek after His approval is by far the most important goal of our entire lives. Powerlust exposes many of the heavy deceptions evil uses so adeptly today to prevent us from discovering God's perfect plan for each of our individual lives, each one designed for a specific purpose and a specific hope.

Powerlust is written in prophetic style demonstrating beautifully and powerfully the Lord's desire to build an awareness of the full extent of His mercy and constant involvement in our lives, as well as His ability to communicate Himself to each one of us, ultimately leading us to His perfect plan, a path of joy and freedom from all of the heavy burdens of a world filled with darkness of every kind. In Powerlust the Voice of the Lord pleads with the reader to value their interpersonal relationship with God above all else. His words are strong yet tender, reprimanding yet loving, and above all they are urgent, for change is required of the Soul who sincerely seeks out the Will of God and a life of a higher nobler purpose than what the worldly-minded are offering us today.

Powerlust is an invitation to open your hearts to Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Salvation. Even if you feel you have done this before, Powerlust will most certainly challenge you to look deeper, to open your heart wider and to experience the love and the life of God within you anew. Welcome Him again in the chapters of this book and begin to understand how deeply cherished you, the individual Soul, are by God and how necessary you are to the enlightenment of this world we live in. If you secretly question the depth of your own relationship with God or if you are afraid of the Truth, especially the truth of what God really thinks of you and your life, and if you are ready to face that Truth, then Powerlust is for you.

Frances J. Roberts, author of the bestseller "Come Away My Beloved" and many other popular prophetic style books, calls Powerlust "powerful."

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Copyright 2001 by Judith A. Schirz