One night about 19 years ago in the early morning hours when all the house was quiet and dark, I awoke suddenly from a sound sleep and immediately felt an irresistible urge to get out of bed, go downstairs and pick up the little journal I wrote in only occasionally. I felt very at peace and yet a little uncertain, but still I sat down and wrote what I heard - words coming softly into my thoughts that did not seem to be of my making. I wrote the words very slowly and cautiously, and then read before me a brief invitation to open my heart and accept this calling. I did not even understand what was happening. I actually often struggled against it telling myself that this was bizarre and unheard of, and yet I could not stop listening. The words were so beautiful and they seemed to always express a deep concern for me personally. This Voice clearly wanted to help me, to see myself differently and mostly to want to improve myself for God. It is difficult to explain the growing need I experienced to do just that. I wanted very much to be a better person for God. Though I had always attended church on Sundays, I suddenly felt as though this was just not enough. Much more would be required of me and I knew this was the beginning of an exciting journey. I call it a journey because I knew instinctively that I was being led towards something good. Everyday I wanted to hear more and more.

Thus began my interior journey all of those years ago. Where has it led me? Right here, to this place and I humbly submit to you now what the Lord called me to do.

-Judith A. Schirz

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Copyright 2001 by Judith A. Schirz