Open your Bibles. Look for the mysteries of truth within My Holy Word. Open your hearts. Look for the mystery of Jesus within yourself!

Return to your churches and give due honor to God. Worship Him in this formal way with other believers in an attitude of humility as He has commanded you to do. This action of a humble heart makes of you a faithful believer. Then go home and worship God in the deepest, most lovely way you possibly could, and that is by loving Me and desiring to know Me and become like Me, His dearly beloved Son.

Spiritual complacency and the condition of being lukewarm are the same. This is what has created an immense gap between many of the hearts of My dear children and Myself. How I long to close this gap. It is the result of so many years of increasing pridefulness creeping its way into My churches and robbing Me of My true glory. You look upon My Holy words in the Bible and yet you do not accept My gift. You toss it away before you even unwrap the package. My words are the package in which My gift is contained, but if you do not ever go beyond the words and seek out the mystery which is the challenge I have left for all who would follow Me, you will have merely received the gift into your hands that shall remain unopened. Divine truths can only be interpreted by the Holy Spirit within you. Without His presence to lead you into all truth, you will remain as one clutching a precious gift in your hands and never opening it.

The more that evil can keep your mind off of Me, the more control does he gain over you. The more time you spend with Me, the sooner will you be prepared to achieve all of the goals that I hold in My heart for you. Be willing always to receive, always to share and always to understand Me a little better. You cannot help but to become a powerful influence for good in this way!

Practically no one wants to know what I am thinking any more. They ask everyone around them for help, wanting to know what they should or should not do, but they do not ask Me because they do not believe I could tell them Myself. They think it is impossible for Me, who is the greatest power there ever was, to show them just what I want for them. If you really love someone, you trust them!

I do so many things that nobody tells Me ‘thank-you’ for, but if something happens that they do not like or understand, then they are mad at Me! What am I supposed to do to help all of these people? Help Me by praying for them.

A truly humble heart does not hate the sinner, but only hates the sin. That is why his prayers are powerful to aiding another lost in sin. He has been forgiven and the power is given to him to pray as led by the Holy Spirit in prayers of love and truth intertwined in a perfect prayer, and that one for whom he prays benefits in every way!

Look intently into yourself and desire to see any area of unforgiveness from your past life that you may have pushed aside in favor of the popular version of instant salvation. How irresistible is this popular version to a world so lost in its own pride that it cannot see the great deception. Many of you expect the divine forgiveness I achieved for you by My blood, demanding it of God.

For those who seek only to satisfy curiosity, the truth and the mystery of Christ will remain hidden, but to those who desire to truly know and to please God and will seek to understand His Will for you, the mysteries of Me and My life, by the power of the Holy Spirit within yourselves, shall be made known to you. You cannot believe, as evil would like you to believe, that you have forever to make the correct choices. You will receive from My hands the exact portion of grace, which is assistance from Heaven, that is needed in the recovering of your souls from the pull of this darkness, but once you have seen the darkness and have understood just how wrong are the many desires within your hearts, minds and bodies, but do nothing to restrain them or ask for My help, proclaiming yourselves innocent of any charges based upon this world around you even though your own consciences strain against this, you will meet with discipline from Me.

Suppose that there are two sisters who have been raised by two different sets of adoptive parents, both having been abandoned as small babies. One sister is brought up in a very loving, supportive environment. She is taught to pray and to love God. She is brought to church on Sundays and learns right from wrong. She is raised as a happy and normal child without any significantly painful experiences to cloud her youth. She has grown into a fine young woman who finds love, marries and has children of her own, whom she cares for with the same gentleness and understanding she herself has received.

Then let us suppose that the second sister has been raised in an entirely different sort of environment. She has been badly mistreated and abused. Her life has been filled with sadness and tears and yet she will grow into adulthood as every child must. This is the process of physical maturity, but inwardly she will remain that child who was abused and mistreated. She leaves home searching for happiness and encounters only further pain and stress in her life. Eventually she does marry and is moderately happy, but when she brings her own children into the world she too becomes the same abusive parent to her children that she had to endure.

Sadly, with so many dear children of Mine upon this earth today, their lives have not been ideal. They have suffered and need to be set free of these painful memories that cloud their hearts and keep them forever spiritually immature.

Shed the cloaks of the past lives in exchange for the garment of salvation. Only I am capable of producing the power of forgiveness within a soul that has been badly mistreated as a child. You can attend support groups and you can speak the words of truth that appear to be freeing of the past, but until you have truly received the power of forgiveness into your heart towards those of your past life who have so greatly wounded or offended you, you will never receive from Me the priceless gift of your own forgiveness.

I, who suffered and died a horrendous death for this very privilege, must await the hour of your forgiveness towards others whom you may only think you have forgiven, but while the pain remains so also does the unforgiveness. True forgiveness requires the divine assistance and power of the Holy Spirit.

People will try to teach you various methods for becoming successful. They will ask what you would like to become when you grow up. They will help you to discover your talents, and perhaps advise you on good career choices. All of this is helpful and good if in your heart what you most desire is to be pleasing to God in everything. Let Me tell you a very well hidden secret that evil would like to keep from you forever. The true key to finding success is to become successful in God’s eyes. Anyone who follows Me, I will never abandon or leave without help. I will make you become the very best person you can be and I will provide everything you will need for this purpose! When God knows that He can trust you to faithfully use whatever gift He bestows upon you, He can never be outdone in generosity! If you think that people who are successful merely by the world’s standards of success are happy, you are wrong. They are continually seeking to remain in control of their lives and afraid of losing what they think they possess. Everything that anyone refers to as their own possessions, God provided for their good in some way and He can also take them in an instant!

You are not in possession of anything. Everything you have and everything you are was given to you by God. The gifts that the Holy Spirit shall bring into your hearts, your minds and your bodies are so beautiful and are given so that others around you will also benefit by them in you. God gives nothing to any single person that is not intended to benefit other people in your lives. Think about that and open your hearts to receive, receive, receive all that He would love to give to you!

Seek out the power that will set you free. Your hearts have become barriers to freedom rather than doors. I urge you most sincerely to extend your hearts to Me begging for My mercy and forgiveness which is the first step to true salvation for your souls. Many more steps are to follow.

By My life did I demonstrate the path to freedom for all who will take up your individual crosses and follow after Me.

If you have no knowledge of Me at all you are better off than one who understands the hope I have offered to all of mankind and casually pushes it aside in favor of the lifeless Jesus who can be neatly tucked away like a key to a door that you will encounter upon your death.

I desire the heart of the person who will believe that I came to earth for the privilege of directing your lives straight into the hands of the Father.

The strong man is fully armed and keeps a careful guard over your hearts, dear children, and he is evil. Evil is the voice of pride and of fear that your poor enslaved hearts listen to by night and by day.

I left you with One who is stronger that you might call upon in your great moment of need to overpower the evil that has taken hold of so many of you and destroy all that he depends upon for his control over your life. Your Father in Heaven knew that this day would come when you would need the assistance and the power of the Holy Spirit and He will not deny you your heart’s desire.

Desire hope now.

Desire freedom.

You will encounter the power of the Holy Spirit given for that purpose.

Spiritual hope, growth and advancement is release of all control and giving full authority to the one who is to be trusted above any other name, Jesus! If I truly am who I say I am, how could you desire any less than this?

The Hope which I implant into your heart, I shall watch over carefully. I shall tend to its growth and development and I will nourish it and encourage it to grow. It must not be allowed to whither up and die, nor must it be plucked from the ground prematurely. It must be allowed its seasons of growth and I am the only one who can say what amount of time is required for this proper growth. What is right for one, will be entirely wrong for another. The day of judgment will find many people standing before God who rushed into service while pride, greed, lust, and so many other areas of Self remained within their hearts and the seeds I planted were choked out and destroyed by powerlust. You cannot desire to be in control of anything or anyone.

Discover your weaknesses and you will discover My power!

You, the instrument like a finely crafted violin, are not meant to be merely held in the Master’s hands to play out a beautiful melody on your own power. This is ridiculous and yet that is the attitude I see being conveyed within so many of My dear churches today. So much emphasis is being placed upon speaking the words that your minds have learned, but they have not taken root in your hearts. You are the violins who have not surrendered themselves to the Master’s touch, but do actually believe you possess the power to produce beautiful music on your own.

Evil is invading the hearts of my subjects one by one, convincing them to surrender to his power of control. No matter how many compromises the world is willing to make with evil, I will never surrender. When the world has become convinced that the forces of evil have surrendered themselves to peace, it is time to beware!

Evil is always attempting to separate your heart from Mine. He has devised many clever ways to entice your hearts in other directions. Distraction is his forte, for he knows that there is only one direction to follow in order to find Me and that direction is inward. When will you stop running about looking for Me here and there, and enter into the place of interior silence where you will find Me awaiting you?

The power by which the evil of this world shall be defeated is the power of love that emanates from within those hearts who are joined to Mine and reside in the peacefulness of the Kingdom of the soul.

Suppose that you are a young man who has just been introduced to an interesting and attractive young woman. You have had only a brief encounter with her and yet you found her to be enticing and strangely attractive as no one you have previously known. She remains in your thoughts and you cannot help but wonder if perhaps she might also be interested in knowing you better as well. You decide to enlist the assistance of a mutual friend. You ask that friend to make inquiries for you to discover if you would be welcomed or rejected. The friend returns with the glad news that the young woman would indeed welcome knowing you a little better. You then ask the friend to discover what kind of food she particularly enjoys so that you might plan an evening together that would be totally to her liking. He comes back with the response that she enjoys a certain kind of food and is particularly fond of a certain restaurant.

Next you ask your friend to inquire of her what other interests she has so that you can plan an exciting evening to suit her perfectly. You tell him to find out if she prefers movies, plays, opera, whatever. He returns with the response that she is especially fond of old vintage movies, and so you ask him to find out what category of old movies. You tell him to ask if she likes film noir or musicals, comedies, the classics? The friend continues to comply, though somewhat doubtful by now of this approach. This time, however, he returns in sadness and tells you that the young woman has changed her mind and has decided that it would be better not to meet after all. You are confused and disappointed, but your friend reluctantly points out to you the simple fact that you should have taken the initiative for yourself and that you had perhaps chosen to rely too much and too long upon the intervention of a third party.

For countless souls this type of relationship described above, the kind that would not last long in your human relationships, has become the acceptable norm in your relationship with Me. So many of you have simply become accustomed to relying indefinitely upon the intervention of a third party. You want to know about Me. You want to be told that I love you and care for all of your needs, but mostly you want to place the challenge of your own responsibility upon another, a parent, a spouse, a friend or your pastor.

 I am real and alive and I have within My heart a special place just for you. Will you not offer to Me the same in return? Bid Me enter and I will come to you all!

My sheep really do hear My voice.

My voice is a silent prayer within your hearts waiting to be spoken. My voice is a dark passageway set before you with but one tiny glimmer of light drawing you irresistibly forward into the unknown, but never in fear. Humility is cautious, but not afraid. Then love triumphs within the heart and love believes all things! My voice enlivens the lethargic, deathlike soul and makes it come alive, as Lazarus whom I bid to “come out” of his tomb, as I bid you to do the same!

The purpose of evil at work in this world today, especially among the youth, is to deceive you into believing that you are powerful. Why? Because it knows that if it can convince you of your own power, you will withdraw your heart from God. You will believe that you have no need of His help here on this earth. Do you think that your birth is just a coincidence? Do you think that all that you think, do or say is of no importance to anyone? That is exactly what evil wants you to think, but it is not true.

Satan has taught you to laugh at his existence and to treat it as if he were nothing more than a great joke. He is laughing all the louder at you! He wants you to ignore his presence in this world in order that you will never feel the need for My presence in your life. If you want to know Me, I will make Myself known to you.

I hear you speak of repentance as if it required nothing more than a light-hearted confession that you have fallen short of God’s expectations and yet have no idea just what these expectations really are!  You are expected to reach perfection in this lifetime. This is, of course, an impossible goal for you alone. That is why I have sent to you My Holy Spirit to convict and to correct and to disarm the evil within you.

When there is pain come quickly before Me and ask Me to enlighten your heart as to the next step forward. Trust in Me shall be the guiding pillar of light you must follow daily on the path to freedom. Repentance comes to those who follow the light of truth, not to those who grumble and complain as the Israelites in the desert.

You must not think that I have planned your pitfalls. They are there because you have stepped off of the pathway with Me. I will wait until you return to Me again in humility and admit that you need My help. I will eagerly accept your burden and place it upon My own shoulders, take you by the hand once again and we will resume our journey together.

The journey is necessary. It is in this way alone that you shall become of value to many others in this world.

The repentance of which I speak is never as painful when freely received into a humble and contrite heart. It is mingled with tears of gladness that release the soul and produce within your heart the gift of peace that will surpass all understanding. It will represent the hope I hold out before you.

I cannot support the will or the words of one who has never understood the invaluable process of repentance for their sins. I will never take the hand of one who desires to enter into My Kingdom of gladness and joy upon this earth without the garment of purity. True salvation and repentance go hand in hand. It is man who has attempted to replace this lovely journey to freedom with shortcuts.

As ‘fishers of men’ you must first have been caught yourself in My net. I have called you to swim upward towards the light and leave the darkness of the ocean depths behind you. These are the fish I have caught and these are the fish you also shall catch for Me and hand over to Me. The ones who prefer the darkness in which they dwell you must also release to Me for the time when I pull them upwards to the light. This is My task to perform and it is not possible for you. Do not dwell long upon those who prefer the darkness to the light. Love them and pray for them, but let them go as I further perfect the power of love within you.”

James 5: 19-20: “Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.”

The righteous man shall become a powerful instrument in My hand because of the righteousness which can only be accomplished through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. Faith is righteousness.

I speak to every church who bears My holy name and claims its own justification based solely upon connection to My name. This is not enough.

It is understood by most of you that it is not by your works that you are saved, but by your faith. Where then is the faith that produces the works that are converting the unrighteous and bringing them back to the truth?

The works that you rely upon for conversion of sinners is largely being conducted by those who have learned to trust completely in themselves and refer to it as trust in Me, but it is not. Trust in Me to lead and to complete the will of God in and through you requires the perfection of the soul. This is holiness and this is faith, not faith in yourselves or in your own understanding, upon which you lean entirely too much, but true and holy faith in Me.

The works you do in My name that are works of kindness and charity towards others shall never go unrewarded. Yet, this is not necessarily true righteousness, for only from within the heart of one who has chosen to follow the Savior and be led into holiness by My great example of trust and obedience to the will of God, shall there spring forth the rivers of living water by which others may be nourished and strengthened, encouraged and led to Me. Trust in yourself must be replaced with trust in God. This requires the safety and protection of My loving arms. That is what your churches are meant to accomplish in My name.

On your own power you have accomplished nothing and have failed God and others around you as well. There is no need for brokenness in order to absorb the great beauty of this truth. It will come naturally upon any who desire to receive My gift of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of completing the remainder of your lives within the will of God rather than continuing on outside of it, depending solely upon yourself instead of Me and the power within you.

On your own you are totally helpless.

You will encounter many obstacles that must be removed from the path before you. Some of them will be as small as anthills and others as large as mountains, but this should be of no concern to you. You must be willing to encounter these obstacles as they are presented within your heart, and I will make of each and every one of them a brilliant opportunity for advancement.

The mountains and the anthills all have the same appearance to Me. The manner in which you shall approach each one will remain the same. You will approach every obstacle as if it were an end to something past and a beginning to something new. This should be the attitude of a heart that is truly desirous of repentance for your sins. They have mounted up in corners of your heart and they are hidden carefully in the deepest recesses of your mind and they are evident all too often within your physical being. Embrace the mountain before you and love it. It is your past sinfulness while the anthills are your past weaknesses.

I never leave you alone to face these mountains of truth. I help you to face them depending upon My strength and My wisdom, calling upon the power of the Holy Spirit within you not only to interpret the truth of your sinfulness, but also to detest it and finally to dispose of it forever. This process is called repentance. It is so much more than merely accepting the truth that your life has been led by evil desires. It is the certainty that I alone possess the power to set you free. You simply cannot do this alone.

Sometime throughout your life you will cry out for Me and I will come. How much easier and more joyful would your lives be if you would understand truth without pain as its predecessor.

The journey will be tiresome at times, but will always be counterbalanced with hopefulness and joy. Your feet will become more and more accustomed to the path I lay down before you and in time you shall run gladly onto the next obstacle, meeting it with confidence in Me and never in yourself.

I will never desert you and no matter how many or how large the mountains become they shall all be transformed into diamonds for the crown of life that awaits each of My true followers in this lifetime!

I cannot bear the pain of your rejection any longer. I cannot stand by and watch you toss your lives away on all of the meaningless attachments that evil has produced for you to cling to in place of Me.

You look around yourselves with an attitude of smugness that defies even God to question your abilities. You who believe yourselves to be so powerful have become the powerless.

You believe yourselves to be so in control of your lives, but you are the ones being controlled and manipulated by the unseen forces of evil. They are the masters of deception in a world that has stopped seeking for the truth and pretends to understand all that it needs to know in order to achieve the goal of eternal salvation.

Open your eyes dear children, and you are only children! Open your ears and hear what the Spirit is trying to say to your hearts that have become as stones. How few there are left who know how to listen with their hearts. This most beautiful concept of openness of the spiritual part of your being to God your Father has long ago been replaced by the great idol of mere human intelligence. Thus trust in God has long ago been replaced by trust in yourselves.

There is but one choice for each of you to make in this life. That is to choose My will or your own. Which do you choose? If you are wise you will choose to separate yourself from the herds of goats that inhabit this world now and seek out the place where My sheep are gathering together and you will seek out the Good Shepherd as the one whom you choose to follow.

The ground you stand upon has been saturated with the blood of My first holy martyrs whose tears are now falling profusely from Heaven upon all of the countless lost souls who have no one to show them the way to freedom from their enslavement.

The true power of the Holy Spirit which was poured out so abundantly upon My new church to prepare it for the great bloody sacrifice that it would be required to make of Itself for all of the earth’s inhabitants, has been subdued. The purpose for the coming of the Holy Spirit upon My first believers as they gathered together in the upper room on that very first Pentecost was to purify My church and make it holy for what was to come! The desire to receive the Holy Spirit and the desire to be made holy and purified in God’s sight must be the same - one, blended, truly good and pleasing desire! If you desire to receive the Holy Spirit in order to assume a position of power over others or to be elevated above others, and I see what is within your hearts, the initial desire is impure and you will receive nothing from God!

Dear children who are approaching your adulthood, listen carefully to what I have to say. You are the ones that the evil forces of this world attack with double and redoubled efforts because when a person is leaving childhood they are departing from the control of those who love them and beginning to accept that control over themselves. Therefore, you are faced with many choices that only you can make. I will be beside you, but ultimately the choices belong to you alone. To whom shall I turn once the evil forces of this world have convinced all of you that you must listen only to them and never to Me? Your minds are never idle. They are filled with thoughts which are contemplations of past, present and future which often lead directly into fear, pain, stress and worry that does not come from God. If you are not actively associating your mind with My presence and seeking to hear what I have to speak to your hearts, you have already unknowingly handed yourself over to the many deceptions of evil all around you.

I do not blame you for this for I see so few Eli’s in my world today who are telling you to go and listen and invite the Lord to speak within your hearts.

Evil has convinced you that you are sinless and in your pride are you willing to believe this lie.

What is acceptable by the majority today is a spiritual complacency that has surpassed ‘lukewarm’ and has now reached near total indifference!

Your souls were created for eternal life and your bodies made to house these precious elements of life within you. Both are unique in their design for God your Father has foreseen a plan for your life and He has fitted your soul to that plan. Let it not be said of you that you wasted the life I have so graciously bestowed upon you. Rather let it be said that you knew God and His will for your life and followed Me, His Son.

I cannot aid you until you are aware of the condition of your blindness and the greatness of the need you have in your life for Me.”

When events occur that make you feel ashamed of yourself, you must never fear Me. Come to Me at once and ask Me to forgive you. Never fear Me. I will forgive you for anything you sincerely ask Me to forgive!

I desire to be loved and understood just as much as you do. Can you really call Me ‘Friend’ without ever knowing Me? If you have a dear friend with whom you spend a great deal of time you begin to understand that friend in a special way. You can look at the face of this friend and you will know if something is troubling them, or if they have a secret they can’t wait to share with you, or if they just need someone to be with them who cares about them. You will know these things about Me too if you want to. I am not just a picture to be honored. I am the Son of the one true living God. I am one with Him and when you know and understand Me, you know and understand God!

A man owned a little puppy who had the gentlest, sweetest of natures. It was bursting with eagerness to share and to receive love from its master. It had not the slightest trace of meanness. The man who owned the puppy, however, was not kind and did have a great deal of meanness to his nature. He never showed love or affection for the puppy and often abused it abominably! No matter how persistent and eager it was to prove its love and devotion the man never softened. As it grew into a mature dog it eventually lost all of its sweetness and became bitter, untrusting and suspicious of everyone. It became withdrawn and no longer loving and affectionate, no longer expecting love in return. There was nothing left of the original beauty of this poor creature’s true nature, the one it was given at birth.

One day the dog got up and simply wandered away from the only home it had ever known. It wandered far and without direction. It became very weak with hunger and so tired that it finally laid down beside the road, closed its eyes and gave up entirely! Another man, a very kind man, happened to be passing by and took pity upon the poor starving creature. He picked it up and took the dog home with him. He fed and  washed the pathetic animal. He made a bed for it beside his own bed and reached his hand down during the night to gently stroke its fur and to reassure it of his presence.

Gradually, the dog grew stronger and slowly began to feel safe and comfortable in the presence of this good man. The new master took full responsibility for all of the dog’s needs and well-being and soon the dog began to sense this. Eventually all of the painful pictures of its past were left behind and the dog became just as a little puppy again, certain it would always receive affection and gentleness in return. Nothing seemed to give the dog more pleasure than to please his good master.

Like the poor starving and abused animal, so many of you will never depart from this old master of deception until you have lost all hope and direction, falling weak and tired by the wayside. Then shall your faint cry of appeal reach My eager ears.

I have watched your lives with so much incomparable pity and yet cannot reach out to assist you for all too often you will persist in your sinfulness and desire only a temporary help for the moment.

If I wait patiently throughout  your life, you might at some point seek Me out and even profess your love for Me without ever departing from the old master of evil and of sinfulness.

Understand that just as easily as the animal of My story stood up and walked away from its old life, so also may you do so if only you would recognize the truth of the burden you bear upon your very souls.

If I am who I say I am, then you will abide in My word and My word must live in you. You can say that I am real, I exist and that I am the Savior, but even the devils know that much. I came to mankind 2000 years ago. Do you think that My reception then was so very different from the reception I receive today? I came to mankind with a challenge to change their way of thinking and be made new, to be reborn into God’s Kingdom, but man was so smugly content with himself and My invitation was rejected because I fell short of their many human expectations of Me. How I longed then, as I do now, to be known, understood and loved by all, and from this relationship with the Son to make you become heirs of the Kingdom, but it is not a Kingdom of this world and that is the truth that so many could not accept from Me. Impatience of mankind has again made the image of the Savior palatable to all on only the shallowest level of spirituality. Until you go deeper and look deeper for the truth you will always see My face only vaguely. Who do you say that I am? Until you can answer this question truthfully to My face alone, you will remain on the level of worldlyminded thinking that has taken precedence in so many of My dear churches today.

I came to teach love and obedience to the will of the Father. Love for God cannot be separated from the most humble desire for obedience to His will for you.

Do you want to deny Me My rightful place within your hearts dear children?

Obedience begins in the humble expression before God for the acceptance of His will to prevail over any desires of the Self-will that comprises most of your heart’s desires now. I am looking constantly for the response within your hearts that is sincerely humble and is not merely another enticement of the evil of pride and powerlust that makes it so impossible for Me to enter. There is no room for Me in such a heart! But pride is difficult to detect today for it has infiltrated its way into the hearts of mankind to such a level that even those who cry out to God in My name have lost His attention.

Love is the most powerful force upon this earth that you will ever encounter.

I am not speaking of mere physical love that you are force-fed today through television, the movies, advertisements and even in the books you read. Physical love can either grow into a beautiful flower or a destructive weed. It should never control you. If you are controlled by these desires that the world calls love, you are being deceived. The powerful love that I am referring to can only grow within you in a hidden place that is known by only you and Me. This is the love that heals and refreshes your heart, mind and body. It is My love for you and your love for Me. This is a pure love that is meant to be shared and it is true joy that lasts forever!

I want you to be aware that evil is here around you, but I do not want you to know evil as I invite you to know Me. That is a dangerous curiosity that must be avoided. Suppose you entered a room and spied a wooden box with a nailed down lid sitting in the corner. Someone tells you that it contains several full-grown poisonous rattlesnakes. You can clearly hear the rattling of their tales as if ready to strike. Are you going pry off the lid? This is the attitude of pride today that has convinced far too many of My dear young people to peer into the box that they should have turned away from immediately. In the end evil will always strike and fill you with his poison. It will always lead you into destruction! Leave evil to God and choose to come to Me instead. I will take you by the hand and lead you away from evil whenever you ask Me to do so! I anxiously await you all, dear children, who will simply call out to Me and ask for My help.

Your lives are all so intertwined to one another that whatever affects one man affects all men. In whatever manner you desire to free yourself of sin or weakness you will just as surely free others around you. Your life has taken on a new light of interior beauty whenever you begin upon the path to freedom with Me. This will then become the path to freedom that another will desire, then another and another and so on. I shall lead you towards your own individual goal of freedom and make of you a gatherer. 

Desire purity in your heart, then shall I take control of your life, leading you onto the path to freedom that will most assure your admittance into the Kingdom beyond this one into which I shall lead you here in the land of the living. This life is the anteroom which opens onto Eternity.

There is so much to learn along the way.

I will pour out upon your soul just the proper amount of life-giving grace for the next step forward on your spiritual journey. Whatever it is that you most need to understand next I will instruct your heart in. This is the manner in which I led My dear apostles. In so doing did I prepare them for the lives of service that they were always intended to lead here upon this earth. Did I not leave them with all that they would need for their own personal journeys?

The response  must be one of total and complete surrender to the will of God. Let Me reassure you that once I have observed the purity of your heart’s desire absolutely nothing will prevent Me from further accomplishing the goal for which you have been called. Receive the truth that will set you free and by rejecting the popular choice of instant salvation. Choose Me. Choose My way. It leads to eternal life.

Copyright 2001 by Judith A. Schirz